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*2016-Approached 1000 Etsy sales and hundreds in two other online shops.
*2015-Reached 700 sales and 350 sales in two separate online stores.
*2014-Reached 600 sales and 275 sales in two separate online stores.
*2013-ABC Studios Parented by ABC/Disney purchases several prints for use on "Criminal Minds" a CBS aired show.
*2013-Wonder Bar/West 4th Cleveland, Ohio Downtown Gateway District purchases several large prints to correspond with renovation done.
*2013-Reached 400 sales and 175 sales in two separate online stores
*2012-NBC/Warner Bros. purchases several prints for the sets of sitcoms
*2010-Present - Greeting Card Design Contributor to
*2009-Present - The ABC - Disney Licensing Program
*2009-Published In: The WKYC-TV3 Northeast Ohio Weather Calendar
*2008-Present - Online and store sales to collectors around the country
*2007-Present - Stock Photo Contributor To: Dreamstime and Fotolia Stock Photo Agencies


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